Tomorrow: First 30 degC day of summer 2016/17

Over the last couple of days a high-pressure system reached southern Australia. Tomorrow, 17 November 2016, the centre of the high-pressure system will be located over south-eastern Australia. In a northerly flow on its western flank, warm air masses are being advected southward. This advection will result in an increase of the 850 hPa temperature (temperature at about 1.5 km height) from currently 7 degree to about 17 degree on Thursday evening. This temperature increase will also be noticeable at the surface: Whereas today’s maximum temperature in Melbourne was 19.8 degree, the maximum temperature will likely reach 30 degree tomorrow. Enjoy the first 30 degree day of the summer!
Outlook: A cold front will bring rather cool temperatures during the weekend, but a new high-pressure system is on its way – 30 degree-plus are likely on Monday.

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  1. Stefan

    Your predictions were correct. 34 deg C in Clayton (VIC) today (Monday). 🙂
    Good work, Julian.


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