Julian Quinting
Developer & Meteorologist
Already in his early years, Julian was fascinated by the variety of weather. Accordingly, he decided to study atmospheric science to better understand the physics behind phenomena such as tropical cyclones, thunderstorms, or mid-latitude cyclones. Of particular interest during his postgraduate studies and PhD at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology were the interactions between poleward moving tropical cyclones and the mid-latitude flow. These interactions are a stunning example of how atmospheric phenomena in one part of the world can modify the weather in far remote regions. After a short-term Postdoc at ETH Zurich, Julian joined the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment at Monash University where he and Stefan had the idea of Weatheroo.net. With this web page, we provide real-time weather forecast, but also want to share our enthusiasm for the everyday weather.
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Stefan Vollgger
Developer & Geologist
Growing up in the Austrian Alps, Stefan was soon developing an (non-scientific) understanding of the weather. This allowed him to stay dry during numerous long hikes. Not clouds, but the rocks below his feet started to interest him, and he decided to study geology. First in Austria, then in Colorado and finally he graduated from Monash University in Australia where he received his PhD from. This is where he got to meet Julian, who had the idea of making a 'proper' (more comprehensive) weather website. Stefan's experience in website programming and webdesign (he build his first website at the age of 14, back then in the 90s trashy animated gifs were a must have) combined with Julian's expertise in Atmospheric Sciences and programming resulted in Weatheroo.net, which was launched in August 2016.

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