(Re)launching Weatheroo.net

It wasn’t an easy start, that’s for sure. When we finally decided to go online with Weatheroo.net over a month ago (on August 06, 2016 @ 10 pm AEST, to be exact), we were happy and proud of what we have achieved.

Our idea of a scientific and fun weather website was finally coded and designed and ready for everyone to enjoy. However, our celebrations came to an abrupt end, when the server decided to crash at about 10.15 pm, just 15 minutes after the launch. We performed CPR for several hours, trying everything to get it back to life, but it stayed non-responsive. The ‘patient’ was declared dead.

But why took it sooo long to get the site up again?

First of all, Julian (aka the Python-and-Java-Guru) was on holiday, camping along the Australian East Coast with a friend of him. Actually when we launched the website, he was sitting in a camping chair somewhere near Byron Bay and I was here in Melbourne. Both of us with a beer in our hands and talking to each other over Skype before finally pressing the button to launch the site.
Coming back to what I wanted to say, it took so long because we wanted to avoid the ‘server-crashes-and-everyone-is-unhappy’ issue of happening again. This is why we moved to a new, more powerful and reliable server infrastructure which we manage ourselves (not sure if that’s good thing though 😉 ).

Additionally, we decided to start slowly, and adding features such as Weather Maps and Meteograms at a later stage after the site has proven to be stable and working.

There might even be some more Weather Cams in the future.

For now, enjoy what we have created.

If you have any questions/comments/suggestions, please get in touch with us via Facebook.

Thanks for supporting weatheroo.net

Stefan & Julian


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