Update: Is Hurricane Gert going to affect the weather in Europe?

As predicted in our last post, severe thunderstorms developed several thousand kilometers downstream of Hurricane Gert over central Europe. Heavy rain, hail and storm force winds affected in particular Switzerland, Austria and southern Germany. In Bavaria, at least 20 people were injured, the regional public transport around Munich was shut down, and several highways had to be closed. In Austria, two people died when a pavilion collapsed due to strong winds. At least 50 people were injured.


Austria Germany Switzerland
Linz Ap 130 km/h Altenstadt 117 km/h Hörnli 131 km/h
Feuerkogel 130 km/h Leipzig 107 km/h Bouveret 130 km/h
Salzburg 119 km/h Chieming 107 km/h Chasseral 119 km/h
Kremsmuenster 112 km/h Landsberg 104 km/h Bad Ragaz 113 km/h
Mattsee 104 km/h Mühldorf 102 km/h Schaffhausen 111 km/h
Wolfsegg 101 km/h Munich 100 km/h Zurich 104 km/h

Table 1: Maximum wind gusts at selected weather stations in Austria, Germany and Switzerland on 18 August 2017.